to DxO and back

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to DxO and back

Post by vkfoto » 10 Nov 16 3:08

I sent a JPG to DxO for some processing via the External Application link. After doing some work it was exported back to the original folder with a suffix _DxO to be able to compare before and after, but in order to see it, I had to run a Verify Folders. Perhaps my computer is not the fastest on the block but 460 files takes a while. Is there a faster way to add a single new image to the catalog?

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Re: to DxO and back

Post by barneagle » 19 Nov 16 22:54

I haven't used it, but I noticed that in the File menu there is an option to Import Single Files. (Also, you can verify just one folder by right-clicking on the folder and choosing the option from the context menu.)

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