Saving space, dups and similar pictures

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Saving space, dups and similar pictures

Post by vkfoto » 02 Nov 16 4:10

I've start to save a lot of disk space by applying labels to my pictures.

I save each day's shooting in its own folder: yyyy-mm-dd <short description> Then I would create a bunch of extra sub folders and copy common themes from multiple days to these sub folders. A lot of duplicates and a lot of work to keep modified versions in sync.

Now I'm replacing the subfolders with labels and applying them to the main instances. From just one vacation I've saved over 5000MB so far. That's just for local duplicates that I know about.

How are the Catalog States Duplicate and Similar processes triggered? Is it automatic, timed or some other way. I see many other dups in there and wonder if my efforts so far are reflected in there yet?

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Re: Saving space, dups and similar pictures

Post by vlad » 07 Nov 16 16:00

The detection of duplicate files and similar images is pretty much automatic. If you suspect the Duplicate and Similar catalog states display stale content, then you could try to select the relevant images and then:
1) Sync them (Ctrl+S on Windows)
2) Rebuild their thumbs (Ctrl+Alt+T)

You could also search images similar to the current selection by invoking Show more -> Similar Images (Shift+Ctrl+S).

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