Details profiles in build 2533

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Re: Details profiles in build 2533

Post by vlad » 26 Jul 16 11:20

fbungarz wrote:I think, a lot of programmers would have become quite fed up by my criticism.
So true! :)
(Luckily for programmers, they're often shielded by product managers, customer support people, and so on. Somehow, Hert manages to wear all these colorful hats and grow an impressive product, while keeping cool - got to give him a lot of credit, indeed!)

And, yes, I was referring to DwC rather than DublinCore.

Mike Buckley
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Re: Details profiles in build 2533

Post by Mike Buckley » 31 Jul 16 23:10

vlad wrote:OTOH, if the reuse of existing profiles was a known (potential) issue, a brief note of caution in the release notes and in the forum would have been good.
It has been a known issue for days now and the cautionary note still isn't posted in the release notes. When I brought the issue to the attention of IDimager at the beginning of this thread, I was told by Hert that thanks to many fixes in the Details profiles I would have to recreate my profiles. In other words, thanks to many fixes I'm suddenly experiencing problems I never experienced before. He didn't have the courtesy to thank me for bringing this to his and everyone's attention. And most important, there was no acknowledgement much less an apology that we customers had to endure this situation created by the update.

Posting in this forum has been part of my hobby. In other words, the only reason I've been posting here these 8 years is because it has been fun in the past. It's no longer fun because of similarly persistent attitudes toward longtime customers by IDimager. That explains why this is my last post in the forum.

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Re: Details profiles in build 2533

Post by fbungarz » 01 Aug 16 9:39

Dear Mike,
I can see you are very upset and I can relate. We both have long been participants on this forum and enthusiastic users of IDI, and now PSu. I don't need to remind you, how mad I was, when Hert seemingly from one day to the next dropped IDI and announced it would be replaced by PSu, a completely re-designed, but, at least in my opinion, at that time much less versatile product.

Back then, like you now, I was ready to leave. I was equally upset. I personally would VERY much regret now, if you indeed decide no longer to participate. I have always much valued your advice. I still greatly admire your IDI workbook; it was a fantastic resource and taught me much more than I could possibly ever have figured out myself. Your contributions on this forum likewise have also been great advice. Ironically, one of the reason, why I stayed involved here was your calm, rationale attitude. Your comments that Hert's decisions to introduce a more streamlined, less complex product to replace IDI was a necessary marketing decision.

Now, I feel I am inadvertently at least part responsible for your recent difficulties: as I mentioned, the beta saw the implementation of the DwC support and Details Profiles probably was also affected because of this.
Still, I don't think Hert could have foreseen this to happen. Software development is complex and fixing one thing here will possibly affect another one there. I agree that this should have been resolved before the release from beta, but you have many times pointed out to me that PSU has a small, enthusiastic user-base and there might have been simply not enough beta-tester involved, to find that particular bug. I myself certainly did overlook it, assuming that it was a result of my previously corrupted profiles...

So, I agree with you that perhaps long-term users like you should have been warned with a note of caution that they might have to re-create their profiles as a result of this update. But then, we all have experienced in the past that an update wasn't living up to all its promises. And usually these bugs were fixed quite rapidly in the next release. From a marketing perspective, it is probably not in Hert's interest to post a statement on the 3.3 release notes that there still might be some bugs with Detail Profiles, right? And a public apology here on this forum? It would have calmed my nerves too, when PSu suddenly was introduced and IDI unceremoniously just dumped. But let us both be realistic. I am extremely glad that finally PSu now again addresses all my needs and I bow to Hert to make that happen. If, as a result, other users like you now are in a bid, then let me apologize.

And then: You have a dry wit that I have often admired and appreciated, but it does sometimes sting. I got stung a few times too. Not necessarily a bad thing, keeps me grounded. So, if possible, sit back, have a glass of wine, call everyone here on the forum an idiot, grant yourself some period of abstinence and perhaps then again reconsider. I hope you do. I'd love to see yo back.

All the best,

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