Photo Supreme v3.3 postgresql on macosx

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Photo Supreme v3.3 postgresql on macosx

Post by amartel » 16 Jul 16 17:50

Hi all,

v3.3 is now released and I installed it today. I don't know if there is something wrong with my mac but I can't run PSU v3.3. I have the following error message after trying to login (I'm french):
Connexion à la base de données impossible.
Rapport de la base de données:
Can not load PostgreSQL client library "@executable_path/libpq.5.dylib". Check your installation.
If I uninstall v3.3 then reinstall v3.2, Photo Supreme is running OK (so it seems to be related to v3.3).

My configuration:
MacBook Pro - macosx 10.11.5
PostgreSQL server 9.5.2 (on NAS synology)

thank's for any suggestion...

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Re: Photo Supreme v3.3 postgresql on macosx

Post by DirkS » 16 Jul 16 23:06

Someone else posted the same issue. See
Please continue discussion in that topic.
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