Do you backup thumbnail database?

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Re: Do you backup thumbnail database?

Post by rdv4rjm » 11 Dec 18 15:43

PhilBurton wrote:
17 Jul 16 17:57
Mike Buckley wrote:
I have set up backup scripts, then the process is fully automatic.

Retrospect, if anyone is interested. Has versions for Windows and MacOS.


Would you happen to have these scripts available yet?
If so, I would appreciated a copy.
I am new in PSU.
Every new step feels less risky if data is backed up.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Do you backup thumbnail database?

Post by G8DHE » 11 Dec 18 16:27

If those are PSU scripts that can be run from the new command line feature I should think a lot of people would be interested (including myself!) along with a "compact" script as well. That way a complete compact/backup and close PSU could be run overnight.
Geoff Mather (G8DHE)

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