Drag Photo Into Photo Supreme

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Drag Photo Into Photo Supreme

Post by weisswelsh » 18 May 16 20:26


I have Photo Supreme Version 2 and using Windows 7.

Let's say I have Photo Supreme open in one window and Windows explorer open in another window. Windows explorer has a folder open with pictures. I wish to copy (or move) a picture located in Windows Explorer directly into one of the folders listed in Photo Supreme's folder view. Is there a way to do that easily by dragging?


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Re: Drag Photo Into Photo Supreme

Post by Mke » 18 May 16 23:28

Drag and drop was added for many operations in v3 - and in that version you can do what you're trying to do. My memory's not good enough to recall whether it was possible in v2 - but I wouldn't be surprised if it was new in v3.

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