keywords from OSX tags? (IPTC/XML meet OSX tags)

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keywords from OSX tags? (IPTC/XML meet OSX tags)

Post by lerone » 02 Apr 16 15:45


currently I am searching for a solution to create IPTC keywords from OSX tags.
normally PS handles my whole tagging, but esp. in case with some mobile photos, the flow goes via Evernote/DevonThink (esp. for "non-professional"/private photo workflows). this generates metadata which already add structure, which is useful to me. the problem: it does so in the form of OSX tags (and other formats), but not IPTC.

... you see the question arising: how can I make use of these data at a later stage within Photo Supreme? that is: how can I make the tags part of the keyword system?

best would be, I could do it within PS. but also any other workaround is welcome.
(strangely in the whole internets there is no easy solution to connect the two basic metadata-systems open for the user in the OSX "ecosystem"; that is: IPTC/XML and OSX tags... :-/)

thanks for any hints, or pointers how I can do this even within PS!

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