Volume Serial Number Mystery

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Volume Serial Number Mystery

Post by PeterGL » 11 Mar 16 15:29

I keep my image database on and external drive (X:\). This is a drive I have not used for other purposes and set up to store images a while ago.
I mostly work with Photo Supreme in a catalog view (most commonly by date).Situation:

1 I imported some new images today from the external drive X:\ and then checked both Catalog-date-view and Folder-view.
2 Both Catalog-date-view and Folder-view tell me I have 43764 images (good news), but ...
3 The Folder-view told me I have:
- 42929 images on X:\ Toshiba Images 3671-993E (being the drive name and volume serial number [VSN] respectively); and
- 835 images on X:\ Toshiba Images 5208-CDFE.
4 I checked X:'s VSN via the DOS prompt and 5208-CDFE is the correct current VSN;
5 In Folder-view, all folders for both 3671-993E and 5208-CDFE are shown as accessible (no red folder symbols] and, indeed I have accessed a sample of images in each of two X:\ options.
6 In Catalog-date-view, I can access the same images as I checked in step 5.
7 Some folders appear under both and 5208-CDFE. For example, the folder: ".../media_2014/2014 12". This folder has 385 media items according to Windows explorer.
- the Folder-view of 5208-CDFE's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12" shows 14 images. If I verify that folder, Id imager throws up 371 files that needed to be added to the catalog.
- the Folder-view of 3671-993E's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12" shows 371 images. If I verify that folder, Id imager throws up 371 files that needed to be addes to the catalog.
8 When I re-mapped 3671-993E's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12", the result is:
- a message 'Mapped 0 folders';
- 3671-993E's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12" now shows 0 images; and
- 5208-CDFE's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12" still shows 14 images
9 I stopped and re-started the program. The folder view now showed
- Only X:\ Toshiba Images 5208-CDFE (43764 images);
- 5208-CDFE's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12" shows 385 images;
- when i verified the 5208-CDFE's folder ".../media_2014/2014 12", the message is 'No changes were found for etc..'

I have no idea how there two VSNs have been picked up ([3671-993E] and xx) ... but accept this happened. Everything looks right now (although I seem to have done nothing other than re-start the program).

My questions are:
- Do I have a problem and what should i do? or
- Is everything OK (be happy and leave things alone)? or
- Is there some housekeeping that I should do (I did a back-up before the latest re-start when the problem still existed)?

Any recommendations on the actions I need to take to regularize the situation are appreciated. Thx

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