Super slow tumbnail loading

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Super slow tumbnail loading

Post by acertain » 21 Feb 16 2:09

One of the reasons I switched from Media Expressions to Photo Supreme is that once I moved my images to a NAS, every operation with EM was sooo slow. Photo Supreme is better in most respects, but scrolling through my collection is excruciating. When I scroll down a page, none of the thumbnails appear, and it takes about 20 seconds for them to show up. Looking at the task manager, IDImager is fetching ~1MB/s over the network. I thought the whole point of a local catalog and thumbnails database would be that catalog operations that weren't changing the actual image files would be fast. Do I have something misconfigured?



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Re: Super slow tumbnail loading

Post by Hert » 21 Feb 16 4:01

That sounds like you don't have your thumbnails built yet and as you now browse the catalog,the thumbs are generated as they are needed on screen.

Try to generate all of your thumbnails first. Use Tools-Build Missing thumbs and previews. That can take a while over a network but leave it running over night.
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