pronting contact sheets with metadata?

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pronting contact sheets with metadata?

Post by fbungarz » 04 Feb 16 9:01

can anyone recommend a software to print contact sheets with XMP metadata? It is rather unfortunate that PSu does have a great tool built-in for printing contact sheets, but the only option to label the photos is using the file name.
So, I am looking for some other software, that prints contact sheets labelled with XMP (I understand that no third party product will support custom XMP, but perhaps at least some core XMP fields or IPTC)...

[EDIT: I have just tried using some of my old IDI custom contact sheets. Apparently they now work again! I had reported this as not working in Mantis: It looks like this has now been fixed...]

[EDIT no. 2: Unfortunately I was mistaken. The issue is more complex. It is possible, apparently, to use IDI printing templates in PSU, but the metadata only show up, if "design - more settings - with filenames" is selected. Not sure how consistently this actually works. I still need to experiment a bit. I added a note to Mantis]

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