insufficient Memory, no Thumbnail

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insufficient Memory, no Thumbnail

Post by goerge » 30 Dec 15 20:34

have this error message, but its not true as you can see in screenshot 1, in screenshot 2 are the tiff-specs.what have i to do?

sorry, no screenshots in this moment 'Error parsing server response', will try tomorrow
Update: the 'error parsing server responce' remains, can't upload images to this site :-(

in text format

screenshot 1: insufficient memory (available: 1.1 GB; required: 1.8 GB). Try to free some memory. (0)
but my mac has 16GB memory and used 7,10 GB, which is plenty enough
screenshot 2: tiff-specs are 32 MB and 12888 x 19883 pixels, 1200 dpi and gray color model

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