New Computer--procedures for moving files

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New Computer--procedures for moving files

Post by fsalveson » 02 Nov 15 15:39


I'm in the process of setting up a new computer and want to make sure I follow proper procedures.

My current setup is a desktop that has both the photo supreme program on it as well as all the files.

My new setup will have photo supreme on a new laptop and the files on an external drive.

What procedures should be followed to assure that I don't lose anything and that everything is properly synced. Will a backup-restore procedure accomplish the transfer of files so that everything functions on the new computer setup as it did on the old?


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Re: New Computer--procedures for moving files

Post by Mke » 02 Nov 15 16:00

Backup-restore should work, though on my system I used 3rd party backup software, rather than backup-restore from within Photo Supreme. Make sure you pick up all the files in "C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\ID Imager System, Inc" (or their alternative location, if you moved them / if you're on a Mac).

It should then just be a matter of mapping the image folders to their new location on your external drive. However be aware of the problem I reported at (though the absence of others with the same problem suggests that I may just have been unlucky).

Incidentally, I presume your external drive will have an SATA connection, rather than USB (which may be inconveniently slow)...

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