Anyone had this problem?

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Anyone had this problem?

Post by Larry56 » 27 Oct 15 18:33

I had changed the color labels in Preferences on a few colors. I changed Blue to "Larry Review", Purple to "Teressa Review", and Red to "Reject". I have had it set that way for awhile but decided to change back to the basic default colors. Having done that I wanted to mark the Blue as favorite but when I did that the old non-existent color labels show up as Favorites and Blue shows up as "B".

The first one is after having changed the color labels back to default names. The second is when I mark just the Blue as a favorite. Note the Favorites list adds the old name and just "B" for Blue.
notebookcolor.PNG (57.99 KiB) Viewed 12045 times
notebookoldcolor.PNG (62.72 KiB) Viewed 12045 times
I reported it but so far no solution so I hoped someone else has some ideas. I know I posted the same question before but I hope with these screenshots someone may have some ideas. Like where does the old color names come from?

This on Windows 10 and PS 3

Edit - found fix.

I found a fix for this. I noticed that even when colors were back to basics, the Filter dropdown included Favorites at the top of the list. In that list were the old color names even though they weren't displayed in the Favorites panel and the colors were all basic names.

What I did was to change the basic colors back the old renamed colors (eg, Blue -> Larry Review, Purple -> Teressa Review, etc) and then made them a Favorite by clicking on the star. When the old name showed up in Favorite I clicked on the "x" by the Favorite name (I guess clicking on the star would have done the same thing) so that the old name disappeared in Favorites. I then looked in the Filter menu to make sure it was gone. I then changed the color back to the basic color in Preferences. I did this with each renamed color until the Filter menu no longer had the old names and I didn't have any favorite colors.

Now, when I click on Blue it shows as Blue in Favorites. I appears that the Filter menu doesn't clear out when when there's a change in the color name. While my steps were taken for each color individually it may have worked for all colors at once but I thought one at a time was safer.

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