SmugMug/Share Upload limits?

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SmugMug/Share Upload limits?

Post by robert » 15 Oct 15 9:43

Anyone using the share feature in PS to upload jpg's to SmugMug? I am running some tests and am having trouble running down why it's not uploading everything I've selected.

I'm selecting 1174 images from a folder in my catalog, all files are available, and the largest is 9MB so everything should fit into SmugMugs file limit and type. However, when the upload completes only 1045 images are in the online album.

I've also seen very strange behavior when performing uploads to a second album if the first album is still processing. Has anyone used the share feature to perform more than one function (upload) at a time? Is this supported?

Any current use cases you have may help me troubleshoot my issues, so if you do use the upload/share feature for any of the supported sites if you could leave a sentence or two on how you use it that would help me narrow things down.

Thank you

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