Smugmug Share Overwrite possibility?

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Smugmug Share Overwrite possibility?

Post by robert » 12 Oct 15 23:07

Finally took the plunge to move off IDI to PS a month or so ago. Have a question regarding the SmugMug share feature.

Is it possible (built-in) to get the SmugMug sharing feature to overwrite the files if they already exist in the selected album?

I ran a test and uploaded the same file twice and it created a second copy of the file on the site. I'd like to modify that behavior.

If it's not a built-in feature somewhere that I may have missed, does anyone know if the sharing features are modifiable scripts or embedded into the app? I'm comfortable modifying it if its possible. I'm also interested to expand it's capabilities a lot for a syncing type service. I noticed PS has this with Flickr, anyone heard if a SM sync feature may be planned?

I downloaded LR to test the SM plugin with LR which performs a file sync but I like PS interface much better than LR but need some way to sync files with Smug for a large set of photos.


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