Windows 10 and PDF Thumbnails

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Windows 10 and PDF Thumbnails

Post by andrew.heard » 06 Oct 15 3:46

By default 64-bit Windows 10 Home (and probably other W10 versions) doesn't display a PDF file preview in Windows Explorer when viewing as icons. My trick with Windows XP was to install Adobe Reader. Note that a "preview handler" and "thumbnail handler" is required (maybe just the latter) for PSu to correctly generate a thumbnail when importing a PDF file.

Unfortunately my trick, plus plenty of other attempts, have been unsuccessful with Windows 10. What I've had to resort to is:
open the PDF file with a suitable viewer (I use Sumatra PDF)
resize the window down to "thumbnail" size
take a screen capture of the 1st page
save as JPG
rename to <PDF file name>.thm
place in same folder as the PDF
perform the PSu import

Clearly tedious. Luckily I don't import lots of PDFs. Luckily I can use the THM sidecar file "hack" as a workaround for now. Does anyone have any other experience or suggestions or successfully imported PDF files using W10?

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