Bug or User error?

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Bug or User error?

Post by Larry56 » 05 Oct 15 17:16

When I import photos I auto apply color label Blue and after I'm done assign headline, ratings, etc I change color label to none. This is for both RAW and jpg files using PS 3 on Windows 7.

I have found that although PS shows no color label the actual xmp in the photo is not changed. I remains Blue. This is true for both jpg and RAW sidecar files.

I have preferences set to write catalog changes to image file.

My expectation is that when PS shows no color label then the xmp should also reflect that same value and so other programs that read xmp (either sidecar or embedded) should also reflect no color label but that doesn't seem to be the case. I can take extra steps to write to file but I thought PS would do that automatically.

Is this a bug, a wrong setting, or wrong expectations?

Edit: I should add that ratings, keywords, etc all sync properly. It's just the color labels that don't change.

Edit2: Never mind. User error. I found that a utility I'd used changed the color label when I read the folder. I'd forgotten I had even set that up years ago. Maybe that's why I stopped using it.

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