PS not showing some exif data

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PS not showing some exif data

Post by Larry56 » 28 Aug 15 18:58

I took some pictures that saved both RAW and jpg in camera and imported using PS 3. I ended up deleting the RAWs as I didn't need them but I've found that most of the jpg's are missing some EXIF data in PS but not in Lightroom and another image viewer I use so the EXIF data still exists in the jpg but is not being displayed in PS. I've tried rebuilding thumbs, reading from file, and even write to file but it doesn't fix the data display problem.

Here is a comparison between PS and LR 2015.

How do I fix?

EDIT - I found that converting xmp in PS fixes for the photo. It appears LR's embedded xmp was the culprit. Why would that be so? I didn't export as far as I remember I only imported metadata in LR. Did I accidentally export and that's why the xmp is incomplete? More important, why would LR xmp be so messed up?
missing exif.png
missing exif.png (17.37 KiB) Viewed 11697 times
lightroom exif.png
lightroom exif.png (29.04 KiB) Viewed 11697 times

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