Assign GPX points by batch

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Assign GPX points by batch

Post by wphx » 30 Jul 15 12:21


I have a series of photos, and a gpx track which I recorded simultaneously. When I assign the GPX point to the photo individually it works fine. When I try to select multiple images, and choose 'GPX Points' I get a strange assignment. All the selected photos get assigned a point that (seems to be) at the beginning of the track. (The gpx file has a number of tracks stored in the file)

Do you anything about this behaviour?

The gpx file I used was exported from Garmin base Camp.

Thanks if you can offer any help.

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Re: Assign GPX points by batch

Post by snowman1 » 04 Aug 15 19:16

As far as I recall (haven't used it for a while for various reasons) the GPX dialogues do have some strange behavior when dealing with multiple images, though I can't say I've experienced this one. Suggest you raise this on Mantis for investigation and fix.

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