Moving catalog to a new disk

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Moving catalog to a new disk

Post by Anthony » 10 Apr 15 10:08

I am running Photo Supreme 2 and I was wondering if there is an easy way of moving the catalog to an alternative location.

At the moment it is on my C drive and I would rather put it on another internal drive with more space. I realise I could back up the catalog and then create a new one on the other drive and import my original catalog, but I wondered if there was not an easy way of doing this.



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Re: Moving catalog to a new disk

Post by DirkS » 10 Apr 15 10:55

I think the easiest way is:
* copy catalog + thumbs files to the new location ( and idimager.thumbs.db)
* start PSu
* go to preferences / catalog
* click on folder icon (to the right of the current catalog location) and point to the new location
When this is done then PSu will open the new catalog by default and you can remove the old one.
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