Rebuild Portfolios?

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Rebuild Portfolios?

Post by wphx » 01 Feb 15 0:14


I have had two situations where I wish I coulod rebuild portfolios using the embedded PSU metadata.

Firstly was when I had a database crash (and very old backup). I reimported all my photos into a blank database, and it rebuilt all the categories/keywords/recipes nicely etc. However it did not build rebuild portfolios even though the details were in the PSU metadata in the image.

recently I was travelling (without the offline database) and I built a number of portfolios (used for galleries). I now need to import these photos inot my database - is there a way of rebuilding or importing the portfolios as well?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Rebuild Portfolios?

Post by vlad » 01 Feb 15 6:09

Afaik, you can rebuild portfolios from images if and only if the following conditions all hold:

1) You were set to write catalog data to IDimager ICS scheme (see the corresponding sync write setting - off by default, but still recommended) when PSU last wrote metadata to your images.
2) The metadata was written using a PSU build which was not affected by bug 2739 or by some other portfolio writing issue.
3) You are now enabling "Read IDimager ICS scheme (if available)" before importing your images.

You could check if your image metadata has the portfolio info embedded by looking up Details panel -> XMP Advanced -> ics.

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Re: Rebuild Portfolios?

Post by Mike Buckley » 01 Feb 15 16:05

To be safe, add another step between Vlad's Step 2 & 3: Select all Portfolio images using a current build and manually write metadata to the file using Ctrl+S. That step is necessary if you were using PSU prior to the fixing of the bug.

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