My ups and downs

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My ups and downs

Post by HaraldE » 27 Dec 14 18:48


Tom did recently explain that Red Eye Reduction is good for him and I agree to that.
But this is not the only gold nugget inside PSU. Below I list a few other small things that are key to me.
At the same time I have named a few things where I can see "room for improvement".

CATALOG ALL ... saves me a lot of time when I need to work on both folders and collections
SEARCH BOX ... at top right, it is so powerfull and easy
VIEWER ON SECOND MONITOR ... is the best way to display on a television AND manage photos, at the same time
SHARE TO SMUGMUG ... this is a lifeline between the two tools I use to manage and share photos
LIGHT TABLE ... use it almost every time efter have imported from my camera
STRAIGHTEN ... quite often do I find that a good photo is not straight, easy to fix

.... there are more but I will stop here. What I do look foreward to are in the following areas ...

STACKING ... I see Versions as overkill for me and am very much interested in a somewhat more simpler approach
SHARE TO SMUGMUG ... some areas here can be improved
PREVIEW ... want to have same possibilitied with two own rows beneath photo as can be specified under the thumbs

And again, there are more, but the posibillities far outrank the missings. And at the moment I much enjoy the good things and can work around the rest.

My bottom line is to Hert & Co ... "keep the good things coming"

Regards, Harald

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