Building Thumbnail will not stop

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Building Thumbnail will not stop

Post by HaraldE » 05 Nov 14 18:14


I seem to have run into kind of a prolem with a few TIFF and JPG images.

Recently I received a few TIFF files and used ADJUST to convert them to JPGs. But as soon as I start working on either one of the TIFFs or JPGs the Building Thumbnail may kick in.
And it doesn't stop, it reaches 99% but keeps on all the time till I close PSU. The odd thing is that it may not be the file I try to work on that has its thumbnail built, it is almost allways another file, and almost allways a TIFF one.

When I used ADJUST to convert from TIFF to JPG it seemed to go well. Then I used Operations > Versions > Destroy Version Set and got them separated.

These TIFFs and JPGs are all stored in same folder together with some other JPGs. I do not have any problem working on these other JPGs.
I have done a Compact but it didn't help. And I have restarted Windows, no change.

When I say "work on" it may be as little as me selecting one JPG and then hit enter. So far so good but when I do a CTRL+Z to maximise the thumb-building may start.

To me it looks like there is something odd with these files. Does anyone have a clue on what I can do here?
And I don't see why working on one file should trigger building thumbnail on another. The only hint is that these were versions once.

If I can not sort this out I see no way but to delete the TIFFs and hope the JPGs will start behaving.

Regards, Harald

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