Save current details as profile

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Save current details as profile

Post by sanphotgn » 24 May 14 1:08

"Save current details as profile" is located in the Profiles drop-down box.

I have saved a few profiles. My problem is when I apply one of them to an Import, another profile is used, even though the fields in the Details panel contain what I want.

I don't believe this is a bug (though it sounds like one), but my lack of understanding of the order of steps and what one can do during those steps.

- I identify the photos for import.
- I choose a profile.
- Can I change the profile data in the Details panel? If so will that data be used during the import? I can save the changed profile, but will it contain the changes I made in the Details panel?
- Or do I go straight to "Save current details ..." and change the data in that area, save the profile, and select the profile for the import?

Photo Supreme (64 bits) (Windows)

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