Change Versioning After Initial Import?

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Change Versioning After Initial Import?

Post by danieljcox » 26 Apr 14 21:56

Is it possible to change the versioning option once the images have been Imported. If I understand versioning correctly this is the feature that allows you to tell the program whether to default to the JPEG or RAW file. I'm hopeful if I have one of each I can tell i to pay attention to just the RAW. If so can this be done after the Import since I didn't figure this out until Importing my first batch of images.

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Re: Change Versioning After Initial Import?

Post by Hert » 26 Apr 14 22:52

When you change the versioning option then that option is for future imports.

There is a script that allows you to change version placeholders for existing versions. ... dfc5178d35
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