Finding/preventing dublicate labels

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Finding/preventing dublicate labels

Post by ebecker » 23 Jan 14 20:54

Is there a way to prevent me/warn me if I try to make a new label, which ist allready used somewhere in the hierarchy?
Or a script or command to find such labels?

E.g. if I have under "Location" a label "Mum" for pics taken at mum's home.
Now if I make a new label under "People" calles "Mum" to label pics showing my mum.
The some programmes (e.g. picasa) gets confused with this so I don't want this to be possible or a chace to check for this.

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Re: Finding/preventing dublicate labels

Post by gcoupe » 24 Jan 14 9:37

If you create a new label by starting to type the label into the field at the top of the Assign panel (the one that says: "type a label name here"), then PSU will tell you if the label already exists somewhere in the Label hierarchy. For large, multilevel hierarchies, it may take a second or two to come up with them, but if they exist, then will be shown.
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Re: Finding/preventing dublicate labels

Post by Hert » 24 Jan 14 9:50

I've made the script for this compatible with PSU: ... f7bebcb99f
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