SQL version - storage location for Thumbs and Previews

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SQL version - storage location for Thumbs and Previews

Post by stevehughes » 23 Dec 13 2:39

I think I recall seeing in IDI an option to choose whether to store thumbs/previews in the database or as local user files.

I don't see this option in PSU and it probably doesn't matter in the single user version. However there are reasons why this could be useful in the SQL version:

- Users may have individual preferences for preview sizes.
- Previews will probably load faster from local disk, especially if it is an SSD.
- It would lend itself to multi-site usage. Consider this scenario: A company has 2 offices connected by a slow-ish WAN link. The photos are stored on a NAS at each location. The contents of the two NASes are identical (using some sort of replication), and the NAS at each location has the same network name e.g. \\nas\library. This is actually my setup at home and work. Using SQL version the photos could be imported into the database at head office, and would then also be accessible to PSU users at the branch office (except that the full size images would load quickly from the local NAS, not from the head office NAS). Accessing the catalog data from the head office SQL should be reasonably fast even over a slow WAN link, but having to load previews and thumbs over the WAN is heavy going.


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Re: SQL version - storage location for Thumbs and Previews

Post by Hert » 23 Dec 13 3:45

In your sample I would use sqlserver replication.
The big benefit of using a centralized thumbs database is that the users don't depend on the file existence. And a company with different geographical locations who want to run any media system as a central system for all locations, should be aware that that will claim its fair share of bandwidth from their WAN. Then again, such companies typically have good infrastructure for such solutions.

PSU is designed with a central image archive in mind. One could off course use separate databases for decentralized archives, and replicate them using sqlserver's replication system.

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