PSu databases...

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PSu databases...

Post by space » 16 Sep 13 14:02

Hi all,

Would like to hear from those who have transitioned from SQLite to the new database platform - specifically regarding performance.

Over the weekend did a "Sync all out-of-sync images" operation. Hoped it was going to be an "over-night" operation. As these things go, this operation took more than 24 hours. To qualify, this is an observation, NOT a complaint.

The facts are these. My "Catalog State" states I have 104,135 images in the system. All this has created a 4.4 Gb Catalog database and an 18.2 Gb Thumbnail database. I compact both databases at least once a week and backup on much the same basis.

While running the Sync process, my computer seems to take quite a serious hit - this in terms of resources and memory used. I have 8Gb of RAM and running a i3-2310 2.10 GHz CPU - this on a WinTel machine running MS Win 7 Pro 64-bit. On the Win Task Manager the Physical Memory usage usually exceeds 80% and all 4 cores are burning in up in the upper ranges while running this operation. Needless to say, its a little difficult to do anything else on the computer when running this Sync operation.

A mitigating factor here may be the fact that my image catalog is spread across two external hard drives. Added to this, I'm currently using a single drive docking station connected via an e-SATA cable to connect up the hard drives.

As an observation after the fact and while not related, seems like when I sync the one drive, all the images on the other drive seem to go "out-of-sync".

All this aside, would like to know from others what their experiences have been like with the new database platform and, if there are any performance improvements after making the change - specifically with sync operations, database compacting and the like?

TIA - Rogan

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