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Looking good

Post by HaraldE » 02 Sep 13 0:21


I have recently been nagging on Hert about things in PSU that I am not happy with or do not understand.
This after having started to use PSU as my main tool when managing a set of around 70k images.

During my time to learn what PSU can do I have also found gold nuggets and would like to share these as well

> Overall response when using PSU is good and sometimes also very good
> The SEARCH facility is golden and works much better then I could imagine possible
> Very good to see that the IMAGE BASKET stays alive between sessions
> Overall User Interface is good while I lack some things down on a lower level
> I am impressed by the facility to do LABLES/KEYWORDS and have now thrown away what I had done before PSU and will start from scratch
> VERSIONS is somethings I have not considered earlier but now I am ready to give it a try, PSU seems good at it
> The posssibility to have a FLOATING VIEWER is what made me decide to move over to PSU, it is crucial to my way of working
> Support/Replies in Forums are quick and valuable
> TIPS is a new and good way to share information on both overall and detailed levels. I would welcome if this would be used even more
> The LIGHT TABLE I use a lot to find the best photo after they have been added to PSU
> Editing a photo (or its metadata) is just as I expect and I almost never have to use another photo editor
> BATCH PROCESSING is also as I expect and fullfills my need

List above is probably not complete but what I have in my head at the moment
So, Hert, keep up the good work and I intend to keep "nagging" whenever there is a reason for it

Regards, Harald

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