Thumbnail database too big

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Thumbnail database too big

Post by HaraldE » 26 Aug 13 12:50


I was playing around with PSU and thought I was in control ... not so sure anymore (;=))

Happy as a child did I try as many functions and options and such as I could see and one such was the tool meny "Build Missing Thumbnails and Previews"
I hit the button and after a few hours I realised the thumbnail file had grown from maybe 7 GB to around 37 GB.

Some thinking made me aware of the Preview size in Preference which was at it default 1440 (I think).
So I changed this to its lowest value (which is 640) and did a new "Build ...". This time it was much quicker, maybe 20 minutes.
But the file itself was still 37 GB which I assume means I have to do a Compact of the thing

And this is where my problems started.

PSU will not allow me to do a Compact since there is not enough space left om my C-drive.
After some hard cleaning and removing and copying larger file to D-drive did I manage to free 21GB on C

But PSU still refuse to do a compact. It maybe needs as much free space as the file itself and there is no way I will be able reach this.

I know, I know and yes I know ... I have caused this myself. No need to tell me (;=))

The only way forward that I see is to load a backup from early yesterday.
The thing is that I spent a lot of time cleaning up the catalog and I woulld not be happy to redo this.

However, this is my backdoor out of this corner unless someone out there can give me an alternative way forward.

Regards, Harald

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Re: Thumbnail database too big

Post by mphillips » 26 Aug 13 13:29

Hi Harald

A quick was may be to delete the thumbs database file (with Supreme closed)

Then rebuild thumbs again - starting with a New (Supreme will re create) zero sized thumbs database.


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Re: Thumbnail database too big

Post by Hert » 26 Aug 13 14:02

The way the database works is that the "space from deleted items" is not physically released, so your database file then has lots of so-called free blocks which it will re-use when needed. When you compact the database these free blocks are also deleted. Almost every database works like this and the reason is that deleting such free blocks from the physical file is extremely slow. That's why database all have a "vacuum"/"reorganize"/"compact"/etc feature.

Hope that helps

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Re: Thumbnail database too big

Post by HaraldE » 27 Aug 13 8:54

Morning, I am back in the race again ...

(odd, I thought I had replid to this already ???)

This issue is resolved. I did as suggested and deleted the Thumbs file and it was regenerated all ok
A new "Build Thumbs ..." (using the lowest Preview resolution) was done and after a few hours I had a size of less than 11 GB

Thanks a lot for help, Harald

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