Does it really work under XP SP3?

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Does it really work under XP SP3?

Post by AltoonaBound » 21 Mar 13 20:22

I'm pretty frustrated right now. I'm trying to get acquainted with this new software but I can't use it for more than 15 minutes before it blows up. I just downloaded the latest version and it took all of 10 minutes before it crashed during the intense process of scrolling thru some images. Sorry for sounding annoyed, but I just cannot use it if it's this unstable running on XP. I almost never have an issue with IDI5 on this computer, nor anything else and I run some resource intensive stuff like Premiere, RAD Studio, Global Mapper, etc, not to mention IDI5.

Is anyone else having stability problems on XP, or is it just me? If it really is XP, then I cannot use this product as I have no plans on upgrading in the near future. I just have too much going on to disrupt everything due to a major O/S upgrade at this point. I'm certainly not going to do it for the sake of one application. I will continue to use IDI5 and check in later on.

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Re: Does it really work under XP SP3?

Post by tstoddard » 21 Mar 13 22:28


It states on the IDimager website that Windows Vista or Up is required. I had installed a trial of the original release version on my work computer, which is running XP, when I first started experimenting with PSU and didn't experience any problems but I hardly had any images on that machine so I didn't put much of a strain on it.

I don't blame you for not wanting to upgrade but it's the nature of the beast, I suppose. I still use MS Office 2000 at work and prefer it to MS Office 2010, which I use at home. There isn't a single feature that I use in 2010 that is not in 2000 and the interface is way more difficult for me to navigate. With that said, however, applications that work with digital images have to be able to leverage newer technologies in order to keep up with the technologies in our modern cameras. I sometimes get frustrated using PSU on my Windows Vista 32-bit machine at home. The machine is 6 years old and only has 2gig of RAM. Previewing full-size images is a time consuming process but I don't experience the instability that you seem to be having.

It's unfortunate that PSU isn't supported on XP but you can't blame developers for not doing that with a brand new product. I guess if you're satisfied to continue using an old operating system then you should be just as comfortable using IDI instead of PSU until you are ready to upgrade your OS. From what I saw of IDI before it was discontinued, it seems that you can do pretty much everything with it that you can do with PSU. It's just a different user experience, just like Windows 8 is different than Windows Vista.

Good luck to you.
Tom Stoddard

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Re: Does it really work under XP SP3?

Post by andrew.heard » 21 Mar 13 23:02


I am using PSu on XP SP3 without any stability problems. For me it has been more stable than IDI. For me it is also far faster in most operations than IDI. I have a catalog of 25,000+ files. Like you, I don't want to have to scrap a PC or upgrade an operating system when the current setup works just fine; and I also have a SCSI film scanner that would not be supported if I bought a new PC/OS anyway, so that would then also be scrapped. I hope you can sort it out because PSU is a good product, and I'm hoping the next feature release will finally address lots of requests.

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