meaning of color label not displayed in PSU

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meaning of color label not displayed in PSU

Post by fbungarz » 18 Feb 13 19:49

Hi Hert,
color labels for the images can have custom meanings and those custom meanings can be edited in the PSU options.
For our workflow these customizations are very useful.

For the image folders right-click pops up a menu of what the color labels mean. (It would be slightly more intuitive if those headings would be the color how the folders will be marked, but else: Great!)
Now, for the individual images this does not work alike:
- First, click the small arrow: the assignment bar for color labels and the stars pops up.
- Then, necessary to click the square box: five colored boxes expand, but NO indication what those actually mean, even if the mouse hovers across :(
- Third, to assign the label yet another click: once assigned no idea what these labels stand for, again no hover box...

Would it be possible to have at least a hover box that pups up with the custom labels of what the colors stand for?

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