re-organize catalog in PSU?

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re-organize catalog in PSU?

Post by fbungarz » 18 Feb 13 5:32

Hi Hert,
I am wondering how one goes about re-organizing part of the catalog in PSU?

(1) relocate labels:
How do I relocate a label from one part of the tree to a different one? Is that only possible via "drag & drop"? I am asking because my label hierarchies are mostly quite deeply nested and I find "drag & drop" a very dangerous way of moving a whole bunch of labels from one branch to a different one. Just one accidental release of the mouse button and the whole catalog gets messed up...

(2) merge labels:
How do I merge duplicate labels? Is there any way how to do this?
Say, i have a label "PEOPLE|Friends|Family|Jimenez|Raul Jimenez" and want to merge that to "PEOPLE|Friends & Family|Family |Gutierez-Jimenez|Raul Gutierez-Jimenez"...
How do I do that?


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Re: re-organize catalog in PSU?

Post by Hert » 18 Feb 13 9:24

(1) Right click on the label -> Relocate This Label

(2) Right click on the label -> Merge With Label

Hope that helps
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