announcement of new version

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announcement of new version

Post by andrew.heard » 14 Feb 13 3:38

I noted from another topic that the latest PSu version was My previous version was Was there an "announcement" of what had changed in latest version? Didn't there used to be a "sticky" forum topic that had all the changes made in each release? This can be useful in determining whether a particular bug has been fixed or not.

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Re: announcement of new version

Post by dickl » 14 Feb 13 6:09

Latest versions report significant changes on a feature called Notifications...

It is located just left of the search field on the top right. New features are reported there....


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Re: announcement of new version

Post by LifeIsLong » 15 Feb 13 16:08

My notification center is showing only what's new in even though I have installed.

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Re: announcement of new version

Post by Hert » 15 Feb 13 17:45

Not every build gets release information. When only the last number changes then there's typically only bug fixes.

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