System Recommendations

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System Recommendations

Post by tstoddard » 10 Feb 13 4:45

This may be a bit off-topic but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm thinking about buying or building a new pc and I want to optimize it for image processing. I'm not a gamer so I don't need to go overboard but I would like to build something that will give me good performance for the foreseeable future. One question that has been on my mind is whether or not to move to Windows 8 or to buy Windows 7 while it's still available. Does anyone here have any experience running PSU and any raw processing software in Windows 8? Are there any issues running PSU or any of the other software you use on Windows 8?

My other question is about video cards. Is it worth spending extra money on a higher end card just for image and/or video editing? From what I can gather, the real differences don't kick in unless you're doing some heavy duty gaming or using multiple monitors. I'm thinking that I'd be better served to spend more on a better cpu, ssd, and memory than to invest a lot in a video card. Is that reasonable? I'm actually wondering if the built-in graphics in the Intel ivy bridge chipsets would be adequate. If so, I could get by without buying a video card at all and save up for a good one later if I decide I need it.

Any suggestions or recommendations?
Tom Stoddard

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Re: System Recommendations

Post by lippe » 10 Feb 13 19:40


Please note, my experience with Windows 8 are only a few days old:
Where were they with their minds at Redmond when they launched this OS? The Vista or 7 start menu is in my opinion more productive. I understand that your still considering Windows 7.

PSU does well on Windows 8 just like most programs from the Adobe. No issues encountered. Only issue my Avira Virus scanner not suitable: They did not get it Windows 8 ready on time.

You consideration to pay more attention to good hard disks /CPU / memory over the video card is reasonable. Do not underestimate the influence of the hard disk on the database performance for PSU.
A healthy balance between all components is the most important.

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Re: System Recommendations

Post by weidmic » 10 Feb 13 20:18

Regarding windows 8: No problems running PSU...
However, if you are a owner of a wacom tablet, you will find some strange behaviour with your pen sometimes (not in PSU)
You would have to make a few tweaks to make some applications working. Just google for it :)

SSD's, the best thing ever, since invention of a moka pot :)
because you wont have the time for a coffee break anymore :lol:

Have fun choosing the right computer!
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Re: System Recommendations

Post by gcoupe » 11 Feb 13 15:15

Tom, I went to Windows 8 almost a year ago, and have never considered going back to Windows 7.

There are lots of improvements under the covers in Windows 8 over Windows 7. I've not found any software that would run on Windows 7 that will not run on Windows 8.

Yes, the removal of the Start Button and the introduction of the Start Screen is a major change, and I realize that some people never get over it. It took me a week to adapt. YMMV.
Geoff Coupe
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Re: System Recommendations

Post by Hert » 11 Feb 13 18:59

I too like Windows 8, and as Geoff's getting used to the new Start menu. I do like that and hope that Microsoft will be able to further improve it. Getting rid of the start button is, in my opinion, a good direction. But I do realize that for many Windows users this means a major change, and computer users don't like changes in software.

My experience is that Windows 8 is more responsive overall.

An SSD is highly recommended. It takes away the weakest link in any computer configuration: the HDD.

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Re: System Recommendations

Post by mphillips » 12 Feb 13 6:55


I have also been using Windows 8 since it was launched with no problems at all.

However I installed - a start button replacement - mainly so that I could access my "Recent files" for Excel with "One Click" - and it works like a bomb - a worthwhile investment.

I must say that I very very seldom use the Metro Interface and spend most of my time on the "traditional" desktop view.


Mike Phillips
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