File Management

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File Management

Post by blinkit0 » 09 Dec 12 19:50

First, I know this topic has been previously discussed. The purpose of my post is not to debate whether file management is part of cataloging or not, or capabilities of PSU vs V5.

PSU currently has the following capabilities in file management: allows on physical folders: copy/paste of folders, cut/paste folders, delete folders from disk, rename folders on disk, create sub folders on disk. This is great!

Now what I would like to see is being able to physically be able to move folders without having to leave PSU. Also having the capability of seeing the sub-folders on the main panel without having to go to the folder tree.

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Re: File Management

Post by Hert » 09 Dec 12 21:39


Cut/Paste *is* a MOVE on the file system. Limitation is that with Windows you can't "move" a folder between drives. A move between drives on WIndows is handled by Windows as a copy/paste/delete

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