Question on batch commands

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Question on batch commands

Post by ianp » 20 Nov 12 23:58


Are batch commands executed serially, or do they run in parallel as multiple threads? The reason why I ask is that I forgot to change the date on my camera when the clocks changed - not a major problem as it is easy enough to shift the time by 1 hour. Also when I import images, I rename them to include the date and time that the picture was taken. So to fix this problem I created a batch with 2 commands in it - the first command is to shift the time by 1 hour, and the second command is to rename the file based upon the time the image is taken. So the expected result of running the batch is that the time is modified and the file is renamed.

However when I actually run the batch, the time is correctly changed, but the file name isn't updated - so I then modified the batch by removing the Date Image command, and just leaving the file rename command. Running this a second time causes the file name to be correctly updated with the new time. So this leads me to suspect that when there are multiple commands in a batch, they are run in parallel, and whilst the rename command is executed, it doesn't result in a change of the file name, because the update to the time taken hasn't yet completed.

Is my theory correct, and if so, is this the expected behaviour? It isn't a major issue as I can create a 2nd batch with the rename command in it, and I can run it separately after I have re-dated the files. It would just be simpler to do it all in the same batch.


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