Persistence of View Options

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Paul Harris
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Persistence of View Options

Post by Paul Harris » 01 Nov 12 13:56

When double clicking a thumbnail to open an image for viewing I am getting a wide variety of image sizes from overfilling the frame to what appears to be just an enlargement of the thumbnail, after a conversion from V5. There may be a way of regenerating the previews that I have not yet found, but if I select the Options Menu in the lower right of the viewer, at the top is an option to "Load full size images" (paraphrasing) which seems to solve my problem by loading a high resolution image sized to fit in the available space (Ctrl + A). My question is that since this is one of many viewing options on this menu, is there a good reason why selecting it is not persistent to the next session, that is if I exit and reopen PS that selection is unchecked, again. Is this lack of persistence intentional, or is this a bug that should be reported?



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Re: Persistence of View Options

Post by Hert » 01 Nov 12 17:12

This particular setting is disabled for performance reasons.

To regenerate your previews, select them all (Ctrl+A) and press Ctrl+Alt+T

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