File name while in preview

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File name while in preview

Post by tstoddard » 19 Oct 12 3:55

I double clicked on an image's thumbnail to open it in Preview. I then clicked on the Adjust button to open the Adjust Panel. I then cropped the image and wanted to save a copy of the image with the cropping in effect without changing the original image so I used the handy Save Image As feature that is available by clicking the Flatten Image button. When the save as dialog opened, I realized that I didn't know the name of the original file I was copying. I wanted to name the copy using the original file name with the word cropped appended to it. My file names are somewhat cryptic so I had no way of guessing the file name and there were a lot of other files in the directory that opened.

What would have been helpful would have been for the save as dialog to suggest the file name of the original file, similar to the behavior in most windows applications. The other thing that would have helped would have been for the file name to be displayed somewhere on the screen. I went back to the Preview screen and tried to figure out some way of displaying the file name while the Adjust Panel was being displayed and I couldn't. If there is a way to do this I'd love to know how. I tried clicking on the Options button and saw that there is a Show Info option. However; when I selected that nothing new appeared anywhere in the screen.
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The interesting thing is that the Show Info and Show Histogram options are only offered if I have the Adjust Panel displayed. When I have the Adjust Panel displayed, the histogram is always shown so I don't know what effect that option is supposed to have either.

Is this one of the things that's not supposed to be here? Kind of like the Stacked and Not Stacked options that used to be in the Explorer Panel under Catalog by Version State?
Tom Stoddard

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