Auto Syncronize versus Save Metadata to File

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Auto Syncronize versus Save Metadata to File

Post by tstoddard » 03 Oct 12 20:20

When you right click on an image there is a metadata option that contains a sub-menu that includes options to:
  • Auto Synchronize Metadata
    Save Metadata to File
    Read Metadata from File
    Reset Orientation Setting
What is the difference between Auto Synchronizing and Saving Metadata to File?

I tested the Read Metadata from File option and the result was that a new category label was created with the name of the delimited keyword that was embedded in the image's metadata keyword field. I deleted that new label and then Auto Synchronized the same image and the label was not created. I thought that Auto Synchronizing might read and save metadata to and from the file but that does not appear to be the case. What does it do that Saving Metadata to File does not do?
Tom Stoddard

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Re: Auto Syncronize versus Save Metadata to File

Post by mphillips » 03 Oct 12 20:32

One thing that is different is that Auto Sync will update the "File Signature" so the file doesn't get picked up as "import data from file" in Folder Verify whereas Save Metadata doesn't update the signature
Mike Phillips
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