Heads up to Hert

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Mike Buckley
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Heads up to Hert

Post by Mike Buckley » 27 Sep 12 3:36


When I licensed Supreme, I don't remember receiving an email confirming the transaction, though that is not the sort of detail that I would normally pay attention to (much to my wife's chagrin). Several days ago she asked why our online credit card information was showing a purchase price in the amount of $55.99 a week ago. I couldn't remember making a purchase. Finally, she called the credit card company and they verified that it was my purchase of the Supreme license. (Oops on me!)

Just today, more than a week after I happily licensed Supreme, I received an automated email from Share-it Notification informing me that my purchase of the Supreme license will show up on my credit card statement "shortly" and that it will appear as a purchase from DRI*WWW.ELEMENT5.INFO.

You might want to consider checking into why the automated system is taking so long to send this automated email. You wouldn't want your customers to get in as much trouble with their spouse as I did. :mrgreen:

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Re: Heads up to Hert

Post by Hert » 27 Sep 12 11:00


Thank you and I've sent an inquiry to ShareIT. As soon as I receive an answer I'll pass it on.

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Re: Heads up to Hert

Post by andrew.heard » 28 Sep 12 0:09

Mike & Hert - I just purchased PS & got 2 confirmation emails from share-it! within minutes.

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