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Post by gcoupe » 22 Sep 12 15:50

I'm still getting to grips with what PS can offer me, but thus far - and, I stress, for my usage patterns - I'm liking what I see.

I have never used all of IDimager’s power (similar to most people only ever using a fraction of the capabilities of Microsoft Word), so the chances that PS will be a fit is therefore all the greater. I don't miss the web publishing features, because I never used them. I use other applications for that. Similarly for geotagging - I've always used Geotagger.

Of course, there are some things that I would like to see improved in PS - file management, for example. But on the whole, it's proving less of a shock than I thought.

I suspect that much of the uproar over the change is down to the announcement of the sudden death of IDimager, and that I fully understand. It has not been handled well, IMO. On a positive note, I am beginning to feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel with PS.
Geoff Coupe
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Re: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Post by mphillips » 22 Sep 12 16:25

Hi Geoff

I must agree with you - although I have been privileged to have used an old beta of Supreme for a few months now.

My view is that there are just a few features of IDI 5 that are missing in Supreme that would make a difference to my workflow and speed up things.

What I miss most are:
-Virtual Collections
-GPS - Yes - Can Use Geosetter but the changes aren't auto picked up by Supreme so it would be nice to have it built in and it would include GPS Tagging from GPS Tracks - So I can catalog By Place
-Face Detection - YES - even though it was primitive in IDI is helped me to catalog my photos by person
-Email using outlook
-Auto Picking up thumbnail changes from CNX2 without having to use Ctrl Alt T
- In fact Auto picking up any changes made outside of Supreme
-Versioning post Import
- File manager for the folders that exist in/ are recognised by the catalog

Improvements that would also help workflow are:
-A bigger Macro Text box
-Right Click Send to Portfolio / Drag and Drop to Virtual Collections
-Drag and Drop to other Programs open on the taskbar that accept Drag and Drag - Like Photo Glamour and Photo Splash
-Saving meta data to the file doesn't set the file out of "hash" for File Verify

And another thing that would help ME personally is that the D800 thumbs and files and full size previews etc would "work" in Supreme - But I am not stressing about this as I am sure that a solution will soon be found (nudge nudge Hert :-) )

I do think that the volte face on IdImager V5 is disastrous and has seriously damaged the credibility of the company and a major PR and damage control exercise should be
activated to restore the trust of the user base in the company. You need your customers to trust what you say, especially when you talk about their (and your) future. And a lot of the furore has resulted from that ill conceived and badly communicated decision.

I think that Supreme is not supposed to be a product for professionals, and that existing customer base might now need to look elsewhere (which in itself is a great pity as they were in the forefront of driving the innovation in the DAM space - almost like the D4 drives the standard for all the other DSLR's in Nikon s range (My View:-)). But for the majority of enthusiasts and new to DAM users I feel that Supreme is a great place to start (just need a better manual more focused on novice / new DAM users)

Supreme does get "nicer and nicer" and easier to use as you get more and more familiar - and its speed does make a significant difference to the time one needs to spend on the workflow (its just unfortunate that you then re spend that time because key features / flexibility is missing) but all in all its a really nice DAM tool to work with.

My Two Cents


Mike Phillips
D800, CNX2, Supreme

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