Creating Download Profiles

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Creating Download Profiles

Post by dickl » 20 Sep 12 18:04

I am having trouble getting my download profiles to stick.

Many of the options seem ok, but when I try to attach a Detail Profile to the download profile, it does not want to stick, and I have to re-apply it every time.

Also, when I try to set a mirror location to a folder and create a subfolder, PSU appends the subfolder parameters to the mirror folder...

e.g. Mirror to: d:\ImageBackup
Subfolder: %yyyy\%mm\%dd\

When I restart PSU... the settings have changed to

Mirror to: d:\Imagebackup\%yyyy\%mm\%dd\
Subfolder: %yyyy\%mm\%dd

And my backup download images for today as an example go to:

d:\Imagebackup\2012\09\20\2012\09\20 instead of d:\Imagebackup\2012\09\20


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Re: Creating Download Profiles

Post by Hert » 21 Sep 12 9:35

Thanks Dick. This is now fixed.

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