Import Not Working For Me...

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Import Not Working For Me...

Post by gcoupe » 19 Sep 12 18:43

So I've come to the conclusion that trying to import my entire 50,000+ photos from the root C:\Users\Geoff\Pictures in one go simply won't work. PS stops responding, or gives me weird error messages.

OK, so then I try importing a subset of folders. I choose the folders of photos taken this year, which totals 2,395 images.

I've got the sync options to handle keyword hierarchies (using / as the delimiter), and told PS to create Catalog labels from the keywords.

Even with this subset, I'm getting problems.

a) The sync and thumbnail activities stopped at 12.2% and 2.3% respectively, even though Task Manager shows PS is consuming 30% CPU for over an hour. Then PS hung completely, and Task Manager showed "Not responding"
b) I've had precisely four Catalog labels created from one imported photo. All the other 2,394 photos were studiously ignored.
c) I note that this particular photo has LR Keywords in its XMP - I suspect that it is the only one.
d) I did NOT have the "Read Lightroom keywords only (if available)" option checked during the import.
e) Selecting any photo and reading in the Metadata does not result in Catalog labels being created from the keywords.

I'm beginning to feel as though I'm banging my head against a wall with PS.
Geoff Coupe
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