Some tif's don't show!

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Re: Some tif's don't show!

Post by Hert » 09 Apr 12 15:01


As Michael already mentioned, this is beta software and although we're making big steps you shouldn't rely on it yet.

Yes, I recommend that you start with a new database, using a controlled set of images... preferably vanilla images (a new set of images, still untouched by any software). Then work from there, import the images in Supreme, edit them in PS/CNX2 (which btw is used by more beta testers), and see if the workflow works.

Please report issues, don't expect issues that you run into will get fixed if you don't report them yourself.

Oh and very very very important!!! ALWAYS use the latest beta version. You should get a notification as soon as a new version arrived and ALWAYS install it.

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