What I would like to see...

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What I would like to see...

Post by weidmic » 02 Apr 12 17:10

is more flexibility with the panels...

It would be so much better if we could independently hide/unhide all the panels and bars!
What do others think?

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Re: What I would like to see...

Post by Lou_Salkind » 02 Apr 12 18:22

I would also like to see more flexibility in this regard, although I believe the application doesn't have to provide for every possibility.

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Re: What I would like to see...

Post by jsrunnels » 26 Sep 19 3:49

Resurrecting this from the grave. This would still be a very desirable feature. I often want to use the "All" selection, so I can go back and forth between timeline, folders, categories and details (or some subset). It would be **very** useful to be able to hide top level categories I am not using (portfolio, ratings colors types, versions, etc.)

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