Is there a manual?

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Is there a manual?

Post by HvTFoto » 01 Apr 12 12:27

I'm looking for a DAM software and came across IDimager Supreme (getting tired of waiting for PM to come up with one) and downloaded the betaversion. Been looking for, but not found, a manual and I'm a bit lost as to the workflow. Is there a manual that can be downloaded?


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Re: Is there a manual?

Post by Hert » 02 Apr 12 16:26

At this point there's no manual available. But you can ask questions here; which helps us in two ways:

1. What kind of questions would a novice user like to see addressed
2. It helps others

This is a User-to-User forum which means that users post questions here for other users.
Feature requests, change suggestions, or bugs can be logged in the ticketing system

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