IDI Supreme - comments and feedback

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IDI Supreme - comments and feedback

Post by pgerrish » 04 Mar 12 20:36

Snow Leopard on 13” Mac Air with SSD Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz 2Gb RAM IDI Supreme

Have been testing and some comments so far. Sorry if I have misunderstood usage but as help file does not work yet [Directory listing denied] it is all by experiment and discovery. Help would be useful for testing. I have at the same time been testing LightRoom 4 beta and although IDI is much earlier in development Mac users will compare it with this and Aperture etc.. I am regular user of IDI Personal on PC as my standard DAM.

At this stage IDI is a very good starting point for a public beta with I think much potential.
Performance so far (but do not have huge catalog) is acceptable except when opening some of filter sub menus (e.g. soften) when seems sluggish.

A significant issue is lack of consistency with Mac gestures e.g. standard for many apps is to Zoom you pinch in or out on trackpad but in IDI this is swiping up and down. Other mac gestures could also be used e.g. in Light-table you may expect that a right swipe would take you to next picture and left swipe to previous one.

There is also a lack of consistency within IDI for items such as close buttons e.g. open a Color Option box from Filters and has an X to close the box but open a Transfer box and no X you just have to guess at clicking outside the box to close it.

Certain text is not correct size e.g. in colors menu next to white balance the word “Temperature” is split across 2 lines with the e being on separate line. In the search filter at the top - if you click on a date when this shows then in the filter combo box again it is too large and split above and below combo box.

Certain areas such as the “droppers” in Tone menu do not have Tool tips

When you alter Metadata for an image and click on another image if you have not clicked applied loses changes - should give you warning to click to apply or cancel to lose changes. people will forget some times.

Not sure if there is Geotagging Map module yet but would be standard now for a product of this type entering market

If I delete a label set it says “Access Violation” BUT does delete it.


This I feel may well cause some confusion and is something that many will use

The default in Preferences is “Light Room Key words only’. I am not sure what this means and if it is different to IDI PC version as Read IDI ICS if available is left un-ticked. On my PC IDI version I have all my key words in “nested” form and think LightRoom does this by a definition of “France>Europe”. IS this how IDI Mac would work if the default Keyword preference is accepted. I can see how to create a nesting by editing a Keyword but not sure how I display all the Keywords in catalog to reorganize them as can only see the key words when an image is up and then only those key words tagged to that image.[EDIT post - worked out how to edit Keywords to create nest by selecting Catgories in the Catalog and using "Relocate". I still think the term Categories and Keywords may confuse soem as Keywords seems a "Category" and you can relocate a Keyword to be nested within a Category]

Is there a way to import the nested hierarchical structure from IDI PC version - I can “export it as text file from catalog” but on IDI Mac not sure which of options to choose from Import menu - surprised that there is no reference to IDI. Is it Formatted Keyword file or Lightroom Keyword as this is what is the default in the preferences.

I think quite a few IDI users may migrate from PC to Mac and feel there should be an easier approach to this so as not to have to redo much or work already done on PC version. Obviously some will have to be repeated as files may be in different place when copied to Mac but it might be possible to even help with this if this was case even Portfolios cold be transferred over.

I will continue to experiment.

I hope some of this is of use even though it is quite long.


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