Image Preview Update

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Image Preview Update

Post by frith » 16 Feb 12 15:36

Once you have ingested an image file into IDimagerNE, is there a way to update the preview image. For example, if you have ingested an image and then edit it in a program other than IDImageNE and want to update the preview image in IDimagerNE, can you do it? I tried to "re-ingest" the image but it was not updated (likely because as far as IDImagerNE is concerned the image was already in the catalog so there was no action required). I am not sure if many people would find this useful, but for me, I want to use IDimagerNE as my image file management solution, with the ability to do edits within IDImagerNE when needed (often) - but at the same have the flexibility that if I update a file with say Aperture or CaptureNX, the preview image in IDImagerNE can be updated to reflect the edits. Maybe this is asking for too much, but if you don't ask....


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Re: Image Preview Update

Post by mphillips » 16 Feb 12 15:59

Hi Frith

Try and F8 (Function 8 ) to update the thumbnail and preview.

Idimager should pick up the changes automatically (as it does in V5 - Windows) but its not working in INE yet.


Mike Phillips
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