Keyboard - shortcuts for Photo Supreme V2

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Keyboard - shortcuts for Photo Supreme V2

Post by weidmic » 03 Feb 12 8:17

This is a list of all available shortcuts that should be available in the current version of Photo Supreme V2.

For Photo Supreme V3, find the appropriate in the Help menu of the application

CTRL/CMD+B = Batcher
CTRL/CMD+ALT+B = Open Image Basket
CTRL/CMD+D = Image Details
CTRL/CMD+F = Filter Bar
CTRL/CMD+Alt+I = Invert Selection
CTRL/CMD+L = Label Assignment Panel (LAP)
CTRL/CMD+Alt+L = Label Assignment Panel (LAP) and set the focus on the Search box
CTRL/CMD+M = Toggle Maximized mode
CTRL/CMD+Y = Light Table

ALT+F = Expand/Collapse the Favorites
ALT+D = Expand/Collapse the Dynamic Search

In the Image Details and Info Panel editing fields
ALT+LEFT = Select previous thumbnail in the Collection Viewer
ALT+RIGHT = Select next thumbnail in the Collection Viewer

In the Catalog Explorer
SPACE = Toggle the selected item to the Dynamic Search box
CTRL+SPACE = Toggle Favorite status for the selected item

CTRL/CMD+ALT+M = Merge Catalog Label
CTRL/CMD+ALT+R = Relocate Catalog Label
CTRL/CMD+F = Find a Catalog Label

In the Collection Viewer:
F2 rename the selected thumbnail (Windows Only)
CTRL/CMD+A = Select all thumbnails
CTRL/CMD+ALT+I = Invert thumbnail selection
CTRL/CMD+R = Refresh the Collection viewer

For Portfolio Collections, the Image Basket and the Import Module, the following shortcuts can be used to manually sort the thumbnails:
CTRL/CMD+Left = Move selected thumbnails to the left
CTRL/CMD+Right = Move selected thumbnails to the right
CTRL/CMD+Up = Move selected thumbnails one row up
CTRL/CMD+Down = Move selected thumbnails one row down
CTRL/CMD+PgUp = Move selected thumbnails one page up
CTRL/CMD+PgDn = Move selected thumbnails one page down
CTRL/CMD+Home = Move selected thumbnails to the beginning of the collection
CTRL/CMD+End = Move selected thumbnails to the end of the collection

CTRL/CMD+ALT+T = Update Thumbnail from File
CTRL/CMD+ALT+F = Open the Filter Bar
CTRL/CMD+ALT+V = Show versions for the selected thumbnails

SPACE = Preview

CTRL+0 to 5 = change color label
Numbers 1 to 5 = change rating

[ = rotate left
] = rotate right

CTRL+SPACE = toggle bookmark
CMD+Space = open spotlight

ALT+LEFT = History Back
ALT+RIGHT = History Forward

SHIFT+1 to 9 = Used by configured external application
SHIFT+B = add Image to Image Basket
SHIFT+Enter = open image in full screen viewer
CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+Enter = start a slideshow

Shift+B = Add selected files to Image Basket
CTRL/CMD+ALT+F = Locate file in Windows Explorer or MacOSX Finder

CTRL/CMD+S = Write Metadata to File
CTRL/CMD+ALT+S = Read Metadata from File

CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+D = Re-date selected images
CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+R = Rename selected images
CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+V = Version Detection for selected images

In the LAP
ALT+1 to ALT+6 = With the LAP open you can use these shortcuts to assign/revoke the recently used catalog labels

In editable fields you can press CTRL/CMD+ALT+C for the copyright symbol

Light Table shortcuts:
I = toggles the Info display
H = toggles histogram on/off
D = toggles the "dim light" state
Shift+B = Add focused image to the Image Basket
PgUp = Load previous page of images in the Light Table
PgDn = Load next page of images in the Light Table

Editor shortcuts:
A or CMD+9 = zoom to best fit
Z or CMD+0 = zoom to 100%
Cursor Down = hide the Rating bar
Cursor Up = display the Rating bar
R = Toggle the display of the Rating Bar
L = Toggle the Loupe

Cursor Left = Show previous image
Cursor Right = Show next image

CTRL/CMD+Q = Toggle "Show Sharpened"
CTRL/CMD+= = Zoom in
CTRL/CMD+- = Zoom out

0 to 5 = Change rating
6 to 9 = Change color label
CTRL/CMD+0 to 5 = change color label
Numeric / = change to no color label
CTRL+Space = Change bookmark

[ = rotate left
] = rotate right
CTRL/CMD+C = Copy graphic to clipboard

Del = delete the image

Slideshow shortcuts:
ESC = close the slideshow
Cursor Left = to previous image
Cursor Right = to next image
T = toggle transition effect on/off
P = pause slideshow

On the MacBook Pro the Delete key is Fn-Ctrl-Backspace
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